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What does a perfect day in retirement look like for you? No, seriously we’ll ask you. Is it spending time with your friends and family? Is it having the confidence knowing you can choose whether or not you want to work? Could it be traveling, volunteering, or spending time doing the hobbies you love? Whatever it looks like for you were excited to create a plan that will get you to your goals. Our first consultation is completely complimentary! We believe it’s an opportunity for us to learn more about you, listen to your concerns, and review your current situation. and for you to learn more about us and our process, philosophy, and planning strategy.


Using our planning process, we’ll provide our initial findings. We review your current financial situation and what areas you are succeeding in and what areas that may require more attention. We then provide our planning recommendations for you to pursue your financial goals.


Don’t worry there’s no test. However, we believe education is extremely important. Completing the implementation of your plan, we will identify how different critical financial events are being addressed now and how we will continue to address them along your life’s journey.

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