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Near Retirement Financial Planning

Nearing retirement is an exciting yet complex time. Trust us, we get it. That’s why we’ve focused our efforts on bringing financial planning and strategy to the Greater Michigan area.

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At Premier Financial, we utilize our proprietary process, The Tailored FORMula, that lives at the intersection of wealth management, tax efficiency, retirement income planning, and more. Whether you've dedicated your career to caring for patients in the healthcare sector, building and manufacturing, or achieving success as a small business owner, our team is here to guide you through the complexities of retirement planning.

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Regardless of how many years left you have until retirement, starting to plan is the best approach to securing your financial future. Schedule a free consultation with one of our advisors and explore how we can help you plan as you near retirement. 


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Near Retirement Investment Strategy 

As you approach retirement, your investment strategy needs to shift to prioritize income generation, protecting your investments, and minimizing risk.

You’ll start to ask yourself:

  • How close am I to retirement?
  • How comfortable am I with market volatility for my investments?
  • What will my income needs be once I retire?
  • How much debt can I start to pay down?
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What we’ll do:

  • Assess your financial situation, including income, debt, savings, and risk tolerance.
  • Review your existing portfolio and make recommendations if necessary.
  • Advise you on your tax-advantaged retirement accounts to minimize your tax burden.
  • Develop strategies to manage risk and protect your retirement savings.
  • Regularly monitor your progress to adjust your investment strategy as needed.
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We’ll help you answer these questions and all others that come up in this strategy process. Our financial advisors will act as your guides as you focus on near-retirement planning.

This personalized near-retirement investment strategy will give you confidence that your unique retirement goals are being met. Schedule an appointment with one of our expert financial planners to discuss your investment strategy.

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Pre-Retirement Checklist

Retirement Goals

Plan your desired retirement lifestyle and goals and estimate living expenses considering inflation.

Expense Planning

Develop a realistic budget so you can comfortably enjoy your retirement.

Cash and Debt Management

Ensure emergency savings accounts are well funded, discuss contribution strategies to retirement accounts, and minimize overall debt.

Income Estimation

Calculate your anticipated income sources, like Social Security and investments.

Asset Allocation

Allocate your investments based on your risk tolerance and retirement timeline.

Retirement Accounts

Develop a plan for withdrawing funds from your retirement accounts in a tax-efficient manner.

Healthcare Costs

We’ll assess the need for long-term care insurance, address Medicare at age 65, and consider supplemental policies.

Housing Considerations

Consider downsizing or exploring reverse mortgage options if applicable.

Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor About Near Retirement

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Based on my current financial situation, am I on track for a comfortable retirement based on my goals?

What are some strategies for managing healthcare costs in retirement?

How much risk is there in my current investment portfolio, and is it appropriate for my near-retirement timeline?

What are some strategies for maintaining or even increasing my retirement income in the face of inflation?

How can I best utilize my retirement accounts to generate income in retirement?

Client Centered

How can I best leverage my existing assets, such as my home equity or a potential business sale, to create a sustainable retirement income stream?

When should I plan on collecting Social Security, and how can I factor that into my retirement income?

How can I protect my retirement savings from market volatility and potential downturns?

How often will you review and adjust my investment portfolio as I approach retirement?

What should I look for when reviewing my tax returns as I near retirement and when I’m in retirement?

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